The Stiegler Law Firm Represents Employees of The Blind Pelican In Lawsuit

In June 2017, The Chopin Law Firm and The Stiegler Law Firm filed a Collective Class and Class Action Lawsuit under the Fair Labor Standards Act and Louisiana state law on behalf of all employees who have worked at The Blind Pelican in New Orleans, Louisiana over the past three years. Affected employees may include servers, food runners, busboys, oyster shuckers, bartenders, cooks, and kitchen staff.  Several employees and former employees of The Blind Pelican have already filed to join the lawsuit.

As our Firms’ investigation revealed, and as we alleged in the Collective Action Complaint, Blind Pelican employees may have been denied minimum wage and overtime compensation due to short paychecks, subjected to an unlawful “tip credit” policy, subjected to The Blind Pelican’s unlawful practice of tip misappropriation, and unlawfully forced to pay for beverages they neither requested nor consumed.

The lawsuit seeks damages for The Blind Pelican’s failure to pay its employees all wages, overtime, and tips owed to them, and seeks penalties under federal and state law.  The lawsuit is ongoing, and the Court has not made any rulings in favor of either party as of this date.

For additional information on the lawsuit, here is a copy of the filed Collective Action Complaint: Federal Complaint.