CMI cable installer

The Stiegler Law Firm Represents CMI Employees and Independent Contractors in CMI Overtime Lawsuit

The Stiegler Law Firm  represents current and former cable installers who worked for CMI — Cable Marketing & Installation — in Louisiana.  These individuals allege that they have been unlawfully classified as “independent contractors” but actually operated as CMI employees.  They also allege that they worked significantly more than 40 hours per week, but were not paid overtime, and that CMI unlawfully deducted “chargebacks” from their paychecks.  This lawsuit was filed under the Fair Labor Standards Act and Louisiana state law and proposes a collective of all other current and former CMI cable installers and technicians who have worked for the company as independent contractors within the past three years.

As alleged in the Collective Action Complaint, CMI cable installers and cable technicians may have been denied their lawful overtime compensation and minimum wage due to working long workweeks with only limited pay based on piece rates.  The Complaint also alleges that the chargebacks are unlawful employment fines under Louisiana state law.

The lawsuit seeks damages for CMI’s failure to pay its employees all wages and overtime due and owing by law, and seeks payment of all unpaid minimum wage and overtime as well as penalties under federal and state law.  The lawsuit is ongoing, and CMI has filed an Answer denying plaintiffs’ allegations.  The Court has not made any rulings in favor of either party as of this date.

You may read a copy of the Complaint and Answer, which are attached here: Hobbs Complaint and Defendants’ Answer.  The lawsuit is titled Hobbs et al. v. Cable Marketing & Installation of Louisiana, Inc. and Cable Marketing & Installations, Inc., Case No.  17-CV-04766, and is pending before the Hon. Ivan Lemelle in the Eastern District of Louisiana in New Orleans, Louisiana.