Legend Mining

The Stiegler Law Firm Represents Employees of Legend Mining USA In Lawsuit

The Stiegler Law Firm represents employees of Legend Mining USA, Inc. (“Legend Mining”) in an unpaid overtime lawsuit filed in the Western District of Louisiana in Lafayette, Louisiana.

As our Firm’s investigation revealed, and as we alleged in the Complaint against Legend Mining, the company may have underpaid overtime to its workers by not calculating the overtime rate properly.  We believe that Legend Mining paid its employees a “site bonus” which it did not include in the regular rate, as required by federal law and the Fair Labor Standards Act.  The lawsuit seeks payment of all underpaid wages, plus penalties known as liquidated damages.  The lawsuit is ongoing, and the Court has not made ruled on whether or not Legend Mining’s practices violated the law.

However, the Court has authorized the Stiegler Law Firm to send notice, by US mail and by email or text, to those Legend Mining employees who may have been affected by this policy.  Affected employees may sign and return the “Consent to Join” form to be added to this lawsuit.  Although the lawsuit is pending in Louisiana, any workers who worked for Legend Mining in the United States during the past three years are eligible to join.  Employees who receive this notice should read it carefully and consider their options.  Our Firm has taken this case on a contingency basis, which means that employees will not be required to pay money to the Firm if they wish to join the lawsuit.

Charles Stiegler may be reached by telephone at (504) 267-0777, or by email at this link.