Home Healthcare Workers and Overtime

Home Healthcare Worker Overtime

Home healthcare can be grueling and difficult work.  Workers often take ten to twelve hour shifts, sometimes six or seven days a week.  They are responsible for providing close, personal care to elderly, sick, or recovering patients who need assistance in almost every facet of life.  To make matters worse, many home healthcare companies refuse … Read more

I’m An Independent Contractor. Am I Owed Overtime?

Independent Contractor Overtime

Some companies refuse to pay overtime to workers by claiming that they are “independent contractors.” But simply calling someone an independent contractor does not make it true. Many supposed independent contractors are actually employees under the law, and entitled to overtime pay. Click to learn more.

Illegal Deductions from Wages

Illegal Deduction from Wages

I often receive calls from employees complaining about illegal deductions from their wages.  Under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA“), deductions from paychecks are generally illegal if they bring your actual hourly wage below the minimum wage – that is, $7.25 an hour.  For waiters, waitresses, and other tipped employees who make less than … Read more