Unpaid Wages Lawsuit Against Joshua Bruno – Metrowide Apartments

The Stiegler Law Firm is proud to represent four former employees of Metrowide Apartments in a lawsuit that has been filed in federal court in New Orleans, Louisiana.  These workers claim that Metrowide Apartments (including Joshua Bruno and several corporate entities which he owns and operates) has an ongoing practice of refusing to pay final paychecks to workers who resign or are terminated.  They also claim that Bruno would reduce the wages paid to supposedly “salaried” employees, and would refuse to pay overtime for time worked after forty in a workweek.  The workers allege that these actions violate federal and state labor laws, including the Fair Labor Standards Act and the Louisiana Wage Payment Act.  They are asking the Court to order repayment of the unpaid wages and to assess penalties against Metrowide and Bruno personally.

The Stiegler Law Firm is proud to act as lead attorney for the Metrowide workers.  We are working together with attorney Kenneth C. Bordes.  Both of our firms believe that Metrowide’s actions are deplorable, and will work hard to see that the workers receive the justice they deserve.

The federal Fair Labor Standards Act allows “similarly situated” workers to join in to lawsuits to recover their own unpaid wages and overtime.  If you have suffered from the same unlawful labor practice on the part of Metrowide Apartments, Joshua Bruno, or any companies owned by Joshua Bruno, you may be eligible to join the lawsuit.  You can also click here to read a copy of the worker’s Amended Complaint which explains their claims against Metrowide in more detail, or click here to read the plaintiffs’ Motion for Conditional Certification. You may call or email Mr. Stiegler (504-267-0777) or Mr. Bordes (504-588-2700) if you have any questions about the case.

The lawsuit is still in its early stages, and Metrowide and Bruno deny liability.  As there has been no trial or findings by the Court, the workers’ allegations remain unproven.  The Court has not yet entered any ruling in favor of, or against, either party.

You can call New Orleans unpaid overtime lawyer Charles Stiegler at (504) 267-0777, or click here to email us.