Appeals and Louisiana Supreme Court Writs

Louisiana appellate procedure is a law unto itself.  This is particularly true of Louisiana Supreme Court writ applications, which require a particularized showing of why the court should take up a matter in the first place.  Many attorneys are skilled negotiators and trial lawyers, but may feel overwhelmed at handling appeals.  As a result, over 90% of writs to the Louisiana Supreme Court are denied.

Whether you need assistance in navigating the often arcane rules of the Louisiana Courts of Appeal and Louisiana Supreme Court, or simply do not have time to write a lengthy and complex appellate brief, I can assist.  I spent two years as a law clerk for Louisiana Supreme Court Justice Jeannette Theriot Knoll (since retired), and I understand what makes a compelling writ application or appellate brief stand out from the pack.  I look forward to working with you to help ensure that your clients obtain the justice they deserve.


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