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On May 1, 2019, Malik Aleem filed a lawsuit seeking unpaid wages, minimum wages, and overtime against the Cenikor Foundation, Inc. (the “Cenikor Unpaid Wages Lawsuit.”) Mr. Aleem was a resident at  Cenikor’s Baton Rouge, Louisiana facility.  Mr. Aleem alleges that he spent over a year at the Cenikor facility, where he was required to work forty hours a week, or more, at offsite jobs for such companies as Tony’s Fish Fry, RB Electric, and the LSU Student Union (among others).  These companies paid Cenikor for Mr. Aleem’s labor, but Cenikor kept all these earnings for its own use.  Mr. Aleem alleges that this was a common practice at Cenikor, and that other Cenikor residents were forced to work under the same system – without receiving their pay.

Mr. Aleem believes that he, and the other workers, were entitled to the protections of federal and state labor laws, which require the payment of at least minimum wage and overtime pay.  The Cenikor Unpaid Wages lawsuit asserts claims under the Fair Labor Standards Act, the Louisiana Wage Payment Act, and seeks repayment of unjustly retained wages.  Mr. Aleem also asks the Court to assert penalties against Cenikor.  The Cenikor Unpaid Wages Lawsuit is filed on Mr. Aleem’s behalf, and is also filed on behalf of other similarly situated individuals who were likewise forced to work in Cenikor’s Baton Rouge, Louisiana facility without receiving pay.

The Stiegler Law Firm is proud to act as lead attorney for Mr. Aleem and the workers he seeks to represent.  We are working together with the Chopin Law Firm, LLC, and Mansfield Melancon Cranmer and Dick, LLC, two other Louisiana law firms.  All three firms believe that Mr. Aleem has been treated unjustly, and look forward to litigating the Cenikor Unpaid Wages Lawsuit to ensure that the workers receive the justice they deserve.

You may read a copy of the Cenikor Unpaid Wages lawsuit Complaint here.  The lawsuit is still in its early stages, and Cenikor has not yet responded.  As there has been no trial or findings by the Court, Mr. Aleem’s allegations remain unproven, and the Court has not yet entered any ruling in favor of, or against, Cenikor.

Edit:  As of August 27, 2019, the Cenikor lawsuit has been transferred to the Southern District of Texas in Houston, Texas.  This does not affect your ability to pursue your claims against Cenikor, no matter where you live.  All that has changed, so far, is the Court which is hearing the case.  We plan to continue prosecuting our case against Cenikor in the Texas court, and we have reserved our right to seek transfer of the ultimate trial in this case back to Baton Rouge.  Please check back for more updates as the case progresses.

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